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Our approach to penny stocks is completely different from most other sites out there. We prowl the markets, sift through hundreds of companies and pick those poised to move and then present them to you. Stocks with the greatest possibility of gains, period. We call it as we see it and we are real about it. You will never hear us say "Hey! Watch for this wild stock that will go up 1,000%!" Some times that does happen and that's awesome but our focus is on getting realistic, consistent, solid base hits. Securing a 20% gain in a day. A 30% two-day gainer. And so forth. While other newsletters promise you that their pick will go up only to find out you are left holding the bag, we would rather tell you about opportunities where you can get in and out over a few days tops. We follow the mantra, "No Duds, No BS, No Bad Picks: JUST DAMN GOOD PENNY STOCK PICKS." Whether you are a veteran trader or new to the market, check us out by signing up for our free newsletter. We've been picking almost 100% winners and our readers -- many with no experience trading stocks -- have been making significant profits with our information.

Just Damn Good Penny Picks!


Traditionally we find stocks where we make good money in the world of penny stocks. These are stocks that generally trade below $1 or trade on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or on the Pink Sheets. Some people also call them microcap stocks. While we trade all types of good stocks, including NYSE, blue-chip and small cap Nasdaq securities, we like penny stocks best because they offer the greatest chance of moving upward, hard and fast. Yes we like Apple, Caterpillar and Proctor & Gamble, but when was the last time any of those stocks moved up 200% in one day? Never. But every single trading day we see the best penny stocks go up 50%, 100% even 500% in a day, some times in a few hours. Think of a $0.01 stock going to $0.50. That's 50 times your money. If the same stock went from $0.01 to just $0.02 - a gain of one cent, something we see dozens of times any trading day - you doubled your money. To double your money in say Microsoft, that stock would have to go from its current price of about $25.00 to $50.00. Good luck. Some serious profits can be made in penny stocks with even a small investment. Obviously, many penny stocks are volatile, swinging wildly any which way, so staying alert is key. We will guide you.


Many dramatic moves in the top penny stocks are the result of promotional activities, often referred to as "pumps." Some people are scared of pumps because dumps often follow pumps. Sound familiar? But we don't mind pumps, as long as we can make money, getting in-and-out with lightning trades. To do so successfully it's important to know the lay of the land. For example, how much volume does a promoter typically bring in, when, why, and for how long, and how consistent were his last efforts? We assiduously follow more than 307 stock promoter groups on the OTCBB and Pink Sheets markets and know the good from the bad, when to dive in, when to stay clear. You will see how NOT to get caught in a dump and how to make money in a pump, often within minutes of the market open. There's cash to be made if you know what you are doing and the best penny stocks to buy.


We alert our subscribers only to situations that provide the best opportunity for making significant profits. Aside from momentum plays, we focus on companies that in our opinion are undervalued, with good management and void of any toxic debt or wild financing. Ideally we're looking for unknown companies that can become household names. Even then we only send out alerts when justified by special corporate developments or unique price point opportunities. Because of the types of companies we pick, even if you buy something at the top, no problem, as these stocks tend to cycle up and down and you should have several opportunities to cash out with profitable trades. We care about our readers and only send out alerts following careful due diligence. We're looking for a perfect storm and will alert you before anyone else. And while we uncover the blockbuster money-making beasts, we issue regular alerts in our penny stocks blog for volatile stocks that provide immediate opportunities for profit. These quickie picks supplement our unique monster picks, which are profiled in our newsletter approximately every few weeks.

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We offer our newsletter free so that you can see for yourself how much you can profit from our trading ideas. It costs you nothing. No registration fee, no credit card, no BS. If you think we are full of hot air, simply forget about us and it costs you nothing. Zilch. Not one red cent. However, after a few months of proving ourselves and it becomes clear how valuable our penny stock picks really are, we would like to begin a subscription service in which we charge a small fee to continue receiving our picks. Sound fair? Sign up for free while you can and see for yourself what is happening here!

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