NGMC is my new pick

Good Morning!

It’s time for my new pick so get ready.

If you are going to pivot, then you might as well pivot hard, and towards an industry that is volcanic. NGMC understands this principle to the tee because the company has moved heavily towards the growing medical marijuana industry.

NGMC has entered into an agreement to open a flagship medical marijuana dispensary in Southern California, one of the hottest markets so far in the exploding medical marijuana industry.

Green is the color folks and NGMC has it fundamentally.

Technically the play looks super too with a solid buy rating in its cap, NGMC is an easy approach for traders looking to make some serious bank from a white hot industry. The play recently rallied 43% on relatively tight trading and with a 12-month high of .129, NGMC is currently massively undervalued.

NGMC is getting lots of love from traders and as long as marijuana is hot, it will be just as hot.

Make sure you start your research on this one immediately.

Investor Highlights

NGMC has moved swiftly to establish itself in the growing medical marijuana industry and recently announced plans to open a dispensary in Southern California.

NGMC’s 12-month high is a solid .129 which means at less than .05, the play is massively undervalued with huge upside potential.

RSI is just 60 – more than enough to help traders ride the huge momentum underway for NGMC.

NGMC has a very strong set of technical moving averages. All point to very strong upward pressure and none more so than the 20-day MA which is up 284%.

NGMC’s 5-day trading profile is strong and last Friday the play recorded a stunning 43% rally.

NGMC’s growth potential is huge. Medical marijuana is still very much in its infancy and many are predicting nothing less than a $500 billion industry after maturity.

About NGMC

NGMC recently announced its wholly owned subsidiary, NextGen Cannabis Consulting LLC to act as a vehicle for its operations in the booming medical marijuana industry. The company intends to offer turn-key DMS services will include real estate management, marketing, product training, staffing, sales training, facilities management, security systems to include armed guards, video surveillance, loss prevention systems, and a full suite of cloud based IT solutions to manage all aspects of the supply chain from seed to sale.

NGMC was founded in 1980 and is based in Annandale, Virginia.

Marijuana Benefits MS Patients as Other Remedies Fail

Marijuana, taken in pill or spray form, helps ease certain multiple sclerosis symptoms, while about a dozen other alternative remedies offer no benefit, according to a report by U.S. neurologists.

Not enough research exists to say if smoking the drug helps in MS, according to the report.

The pill or oral spray form of marijuana may help reduce stiffness and involuntary spasms, pain from those symptoms and frequent urination, though it doesn’t help reduce tremors, the study published today in the journal Neurology found. The results form the basis of new guidelines from the American Academy of Neurology on use of alternative therapies in MS.

The guidelines are the first by the academy to say which complementary treatments appear to work the best and which don’t for patients with multiple sclerosis, said lead author Vijayshree Yadav, an assistant professor in neurology at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. Many MS patients use alternative therapies along with standard drugs to treat their symptoms.

“It appears there’s little evidence for most complementary and alternative medicine therapies to treat MS,” Yadav said in a telephone interview. “This opens up an entire avenue for research. It provides the impetus for researchers to design studies so that the gap in knowledge could be addressed.”

The researchers searched the medical literature on alternative medicine studies going back to 1970. The recommendations were based on findings from 115 articles. Of those only 10 were considered to have the highest level of significance, Yadav said.

In the U.S., 20 states and the District of Columbia have laws that allow doctors to authorize use of cannabis therapy for illnesses ranging from pain and nausea to spasticity, or stiffness and spasms and movement disorders, according to Norml, a marijuana-reform organization. On top of that, Colorado and Washington allow for the legal production, sale and consumption of marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Recent Developments

NextGen Cannabis Consulting LLC, Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Next Generation Energy Corp. (NGMC), Enters Into Agreement to Open Flagship Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Southern California

FAIRFAX, Va., March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Next Generation Energy Corp. (NGMC) announced today its major advancement into the Medical Marijuana industry. Darryl Reed, CEO of NGMC, said the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, NextGen Cannabis Consulting LLC, has entered into a LOI with Highway 2 Health, Inc. (H2H). H2H currently owns and operates three dispensaries in the greater Los Angeles area and has extensive experience in the Medical Marijuana industry. “NGMC is excited to partner with H2H to open its Flagship dispensary in Los Angeles County,” Mr. Reed said.

Under the agreement, H2H will provide its medical marijuana management and industry experience, staffing, retail location sourcing, dispensary build out, inventory sourcing, and daily operations. NGMC will provide financial and accounting controls, brand marketing, security and loss prevention, and a full suite of cloud based IT solutions to manage all aspects of the supply chain from seed to sale.

Mr. Reed also said that Next Generation Energy Corp. has reserved the name Next Generation Marijuana Corp. and expects to begin the name change process in the next 30 days.

Next Generation Energy Corp. Announces Significant Shift in its Business Operations to Focus on Booming Medical Marijuana Industry
FAIRFAX, Va., March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Next Generation Energy Corp. (NGMC), a holding company specializing in oil and natural gas assets, today announced that the Board of Directors has approved a plan to redirect resources and to focus its core business on the fast growing medical marijuana industry. The Company plans to focus on the acquisition of retail and cultivation licenses throughout North America, as well as the development of a national brand.
“NextGen isn’t just another company entering the Medical Marijuana industry, which has proven to be very exciting for investors in recent months,” stated Darryl Reed, CEO. “We are undertaking a very sophisticated business plan that has been in development over the last five years. As more states are legalizing marijuana and there is significantly more discussion on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, we are convinced that now is the time to launch our very aggressive platform.”

Initial operations are scheduled to begin in Los Angeles County, California. “Our turn-key DMS services will include real estate management, marketing, product training, staffing, sales training, facilities management, security systems to include armed guards, video surveillance, loss prevention systems, and a full suite of cloud based IT solutions to manage all aspects of the supply chain from seed to sale. We recognize the significant growth opportunities in the medical marijuana industry and are aggressively seeking to capitalize on these opportunities as the sector continues to evolve,” Mr. Reed said.

In further news, the Board has taken up consideration of a name change to reflect the new direction of the company.

This is clearly a company that is going places and its technical form right now deserves a serious look. Here are three big catalysts:

1. NGMC’s news profile surrounding medical marijuana is a still developing one. Expect more news to drive share price potentially higher.

2. Medical marijuana stocks in general are huge draws in 2014 so far. Traders will be seeking out untapped trades in order to maximize gains.

3. NGMC has clear momentum and is already starting to show up on the general trading radar of seasonsed traders.

You need to take a look at this one folks so start your research on NGMC now.

To learn more about NGMC please visit their website:

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Alexander Reeves

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DPHS is my new pick!

DPHS is my new pick
Android and iPhone users may already know DPHS.

Good morning traders!

Yesterday I sent you an e-mail letting you know I had a new pick for you. Well, here it is. I’m super excited about this one because this company is involved in an industry which will only get much larger and much more profitable as costs continue to fall. Let’s get right to it!

Introducing Dephasium Corp. (DPHS) which closed Monday at .11

I am setting sights high for this one. With any pressure this thing could go past 15 cents which would represent a lightning fast profit of 50%. Volume is starting to pick up and price is holding steady so I expect fewer shares to be available after today making this thing shoot up.

Why am I so positive about this little company?

Every investor I know personally has one of the latest smartphones on the market. But only 1 in perhaps 5 understands the power and opportunity lying right before them.

I am referring to the booming cell phone accessories market, of course, which is worth a massive $20 billion annually. Analysts predict that this figure will easily double by 2015 and many believe an explosion is coming in the very near future.

This explosion is going to happen in a subset of the overall accessories market that has to do with the safety of cell phones and radiation.

Now, this isn’t something for you to worry about (if you use a cell phone), because my latest alert is set to make the continued use of cell phones safe from all the nasty radiation some experts are now warning about.

While other players in the $20 billion+ cell phone accessories market have focused on making gimmicky gadgets and ‘bling-bling’ cases, DPHS has staked its existence and future profitability on making cell phones extra safe for us to use.

I think DPHS has got it right. And I’ll go even one step further and say it has the potential to really ignite a revolution in the cell phone industry.

The company recently wrapped up a $1.2m acquisition that gives it exclusive rights and access to the technology that is going to be at the forefront of cell phone safety in the coming years.

For this reason I believe DPHS will get the investor respect it deserves. You are hearing it first from me and I’ve never been wrong when I’m THIS excited about a company’s potential.

This is an undervalued opportunity that has real-world application. DPHS is wrapped up in incredible gain potential and is calling out to investors like you to capitalize.

I suggest answering that call.

Investor Highlights

DPHS made a key strategic move when it acquired the ANCILIA patent and trademark, giving it unfettered access to the cutting edge technology that is sparking the revolution in cell phone safety.

DPHS has been on a recent uptrend. The momentum from that strength has started to push RSI back to more neutral and promising levels. In the past few trading sessions RSI has climbed above oversold levels and is now 35.93.

DPHS’s market valuation has shown some punch since mid-June. A solid 16.67% has been added to the play’s 52-week low of 0.0900.

DPHS has also seen an uptick in volume levels. The recent rally has seen an uptick in investor interest and this has helped to push volume levels consistently above the 150K mark. The surge in momentum looks on track to push past average 3-month volume of 1.108 million shares.

DPHS’s has been teasing investors with its consistent hammering against the first resistance point of 0.1097 and the current momentum could potentially push the play past its second resistance point of 0.1143 where investors are in line for gains up to 15%. As I mentioned earlier, I think we can see gains of 50% or more.

DPHS recently signed a distribution agreement with Dephasium Ltd to make and sell Dephasium Ltd.’s products in the United States and Canada. This fresh deal adds another revenue stream to the company’s coffers and will see a 30% revenue share of all products sold.

With several key states in the U.S. pushing for what is being called ‘Right-to-Know’ cell phone ordinances, companies like DPHS could soon have an explosion in demand for their products. This is a real possibility as more and more cell phone owners begin to proactively protect themselves from cell phone radiation.

Friends, this stock has immense potential. The $1.25m acquisition tells us just how big the plans are for the future. If anything, it makes me feel a lot more secure when it comes to investments made into this company.

How secure? I’d give it an 8 out of 10 on my penny stock love chart. I mean it. I wish today was Valentine’s Day because I’d send this stock one of those candies with a note written on it saying, “I think I’m in love,” and then immediately make reservation at the finest hotel in Paris for both of us. Our babies will look like a bag of money with the company giving it most of the genetic makeup.

About DPHS

DPHS (Dephasium Ltd.) designs and manufactures exclusive patented smartphone cases providing up to 98% protection against electromagnetic waves.

DPHS has acquired Ancilia Patent and Trademark REG No. 4,085,620 registered January 17, 2012 and has already begun its grand push to commercialize it.

DPHS intends to become an immediate leader in the emerging market of electromagnetic protection accessories for mobile phones.

DPHS has invested more than $3.5 million in R&D, IP and marketing studies related to the emerging market of biologic protection solutions against electromagnetic waves.

Cell Phone Accessories Market Set to Explode

The global market for Mobile Phone Accessories is projected to reach US$84.6 billion by 2018, primarily driven by robust growth in smartphone sales across the globe.

Growing desire among mobile phone users to enhance functionality and performance of their phones and the trend towards personalization of mobile phones, especially with regard to device appearance are also expected to generate opportunities for growth over the next few years. Robust demand from Asia-Pacific also augurs well for the future of this market.

Mobile phones have become indispensable devices and an essential part of everyday life, critical in supporting modern, fast paced, networked/connected, digital lifestyles.

The massive proliferation of these devices can be put into perspective by the fact that currently there are over 5.9 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide against the world population of 7.2 billion people, mirroring a penetration rate of over 80%.

Also, with the average number of mobile phones per person exceeding 1.5, the number of mobile phones is poised to exceed the world’s population in the next few years.

Falling average prices of mobile phones including smartphones, falling costs of mobile voice/data services, market maturity, increased competition, and attractive price bargains for consumers, proliferation of mobile network technologies like 3G, 4G (LTE, WiMAX), superior provision of mobile services by MNOs (mobile network operators), are all factors which will help push up volume shipments of mobile phones worldwide.

The scenario provides a fertile environment for mobile phone accessories market to thrive and flourish. In addition to the comfort and convenience offered, the importance of mobile phone accessories can be put into perspective by the fact that the choice of the right accessories helps exploit to the maximum, the full potential of a mobile phone.

The spiralling sales of smartphones, over the last couple of years, have also been positively influencing sales of high-end smartphone accessories.
The trend is poised to benefit the mobile phone accessories market since smartphone accessories are typically retailed at higher prices.

Also, consumer spending on smartphone accessories is typically high at about US$60 per device in comparison to spending on feature phones which averages to US$30 per device.

This is primarily because the multifunctional, intelligent operating platform of smartphones provides greater flexibility for accessory feature enhancement in comparison to feature phones.

The magnitude of the trend can be put into perspective by the fact that by the year 2016, over 50% of the total mobile phone accessory revenue is projected to be generated by smartphone accessories.

Recent Developments

DPHS proved its mettle to investors recently when it unveiled an ecommerce website on the back of its announcement of an exclusive distribution deal. The announcements themselves also confirmed the company’s strategic position and further strengthened investor bullishness towards DPHS’ gain potential.

Here are extracts from the two extremely positive developments released by DPHS recently:

Dephasium Corp. Announces the Opening of its Online Store

Business Wire via CMTX – Wed Jun 05, 7:00AM CDT – Dephasium Corp. (OTCBB: DPHS) announced today that in conjunction with Dephasium, Ltd., the opening of its online store,
The online store will enable the Company to sell the products which it is distributing in the United States and Canada in conjunction with its Distribution Agreement with Dephasium, Ltd. For all online sales sold within the United States and Canada, the Company will receive 30% of the revenues generated from those sales.

In making this announcement, J. Francisco Terreforte, president of the Company said, “We are excited to join in the online store and we believe that this will give us the opportunity to immediately generate sales.”

Dephasium Corp. Announces the Completion of Its $1.2 Million Acquisition

Business Wire via CMTX – Mon Jun 03, 7:00AM CDT – Dephasium Corp. (OTCBB: DPHS) confirmed today that it has completed the acquisition of the ANCILIA patent and trademark, Registration Number 4,085,620 (the “Assets”). In return for the Assets, the Company issued to Dephasium, Ltd., a United Kingdom limited partnership, 70,000,000 shares of its restricted common stock.

The negotiations leading up to the acquisition were at arm’s length and prior to the acquisition, the owners of the United Kingdom partnership had no relation with the Company.

The Company valued the acquisition of the assets at $1.2 million. The acquisition and the closing were reported in the Company’s 8-K’s as filed with the SEC on March 5, 2013 and April 18, 2013.

During the first quarter of 2013, approximately 407.8 million iPhones have been sold and Samsung has sold more than 100 million of its Galaxy S mobile phones in two years and seven months (source:

Since 2006, Dephasium Ltd. has launched a program of research and development to become the leader in the field of people protection against electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones.

Dephasium Ltd. has succeeded in developing an Ancilia product that it believes protects up to 98% of electromagnetic waves issued by cell phones. This conclusion is based upon the results of technology tests administered by Cetecom ICT Services and included in its written report dated August 10, 2009.
In making this announcement, J. Francisco Terreforte, President of the Company, said, “We are very excited about the acquisition of the technology and we are looking forward to working with our counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean to sell these products in the United States and Canada.”

DPHS is standing on solid ground and investors are already benefiting from its outstanding gain potential.

The real gains-delivery hasn’t occurred yet but this is very imminent.
Keep watch and be ready to capitalize on DPHS has it pushes northwards.
To learn more about DPHS please visit their website:

Friends, it is not every day where you can uncover a true gem like this. It’s even more rare to find a company that has the cash available to make an acquisition like DPHS has done. Talk about a power move.

Not just a power move, but this is a power niche. Recently a new disorder was registered and is now accepted medically—digital dimentia. I’m not saying the company is curing this by any means, but when you have a chance to protect yourself from anything electronics and radiation can cause I think it’s wise to take it.

Millions of others across the world also feel the same way and that’s another reason why I expect big things from this company. I want you to immediately perform your due diligence on this company before this crazy opportunity passes you by.

As always, email me if you have any questions.
Jeff Mirkin

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A High Flying Alert
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